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Generation Condemned


About the IYSSE

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality is an organization dedicated to mobilizing young people in a fight against the capitalist system and for the socialist transformation of Society.

Defending social rights

The IYSSE asserts that there are certain social rights to which all people are entitled. This includes the right to a job, housing, and healthcare.

For a working-class political party

Students and young people should unite their struggles with the whole working class! The IYSSE Is the student movement of the Socialist Equality Party, which fights to unite the struggles of all workers around the world.

For Internationalism

The IYSSE fights to unite workers, students, and young people all over the world in a common struggle.

For Socialism

Only through the socialist transformation of society can the fundamental problems confronting mankind be solved.

Get involved! Take up the fight for Socialism!

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