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The Threat of Fascism and
How to Fight it

With author Christoph Vandreier, German Trotskyist and prominent opponent of fascism

The Socialist Equality Party (US) will be holding a major meeting series in April featuring Christoph Vandreier, Deputy National Secretary of the Sozialistiche Gleichheitspartei (Socialist Equality Party, SGP) and author of the newly released book Why are They Back? Historical Falsification, Political Conspiracy and the Return of Fascism in Germany, (Mehring Books, 2019) available for pre-order purchase.

Vandreier is a widely respected leader of the fight against fascism in Europe, and his US speaking tour is a significant political event. The meeting series is titled, “The threat of fascism and how to fight it.” In Germany, the scene of the holocaust and Hitler’s Nazi movement, a neo-Nazi party, the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), is now the country’s main opposition party, with 91 seats in the federal legislature and high-level support within the state apparatus and academia.

The meetings will address the role of the SGP in exposing the network of pro-fascist academics and state intelligence operatives who are paving the way for the far-right. The meeting series will also take up the historical lessons that must be learned in order to build a mass working class movement capable of preventing the disaster of Nazism from taking place on an even greater scale today.

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Berkeley, California
Monday, April 8, 7:00 p.m.
UC Berkeley Moffitt Library Room 101
350 Moffitt Library, Berkeley CA 94720
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San Diego, California
Tuesday, April 9, 7:30 p.m.
San Diego State University Student Union, Templo Mayor
6075 Aztec Cir. Dr., San Diego, CA 92182
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Detroit, Michigan
Thursday, April 11, 7:00 p.m.
Wayne State University Student Center, Room 258
5221 Gullen Mall, Detroit, MI 48202
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Ann Arbor, Michigan
Monday, April 15, 7:00 p.m.
University of Michigan Weiser Hall Room 182
450 Church St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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Cambridge, Massachusetts
Wednesday, April 17, time TBA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Location TBA
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New York, New York
Thursday, April 18, 6:30 p.m.
New York University Global Center Lecture Hall 95
238 Thompson St., New York, New York 10012
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    A federal judge ordered Chelsea Manning to prison Friday morning for an indefinite period of time, after the former Army private, jailed for seven years for providing information to WikiLeaks exposing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, refused on principle to answer any questions before a secret grand jury investigating the media organization and its founder Julian Assange.


    Manning provided WikiLeaks more than 500,000 documents which she copied from military and government archives while serving as an intelligence analyst in Iraq during the US military occupation, in 2009. The material showed extensive war crimes in both Iraq and Afghanistan, including the notorious gun-camera video of a US helicopter gunship mowing down unarmed Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters reporters, later published by WikiLeaks under the title “Collateral Murder.”


    Chelsea suffered solitary confinement, abuse and torture, and over six years of imprisonment for letting the American and world population know the truth. She is a heroic figure and she must be defended.

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    Western Michigan University
    Monday, March 11, 7pm
    Bernhard Center, Room 157

    New York University
    Tuesday, March 12, 6:30pm
    NYU Kimmel Center room 909
    60 Washington Square South, NYC

    San Diego State University
    Tuesday, March 12, 6PM
    Presidential Suite, Aztec Student Union (3rd Floor)

    University of Florida Gainesville
    Thursday, March 14, 12:00pm
    Reitz Union, SAI 1208

    Rally – New York University
    Thursday, March 14, 6pm
    NYU Kimmel Center staircase
    60 Washington Square South, NYC

    University of Michigan Ann Arbor
    Thursday, March 14th, 7PM
    Michigan League, Room A

    University of California Los Angeles
    Friday, March 15, 6PM
    Math Sciences 5148, UCLA

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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      The student debt crisis and the attack on education.

      While 44 million students collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt in the U.S., the US government has passed $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy, and a $717 billion defense budget. In order to pay for this handout to the ruling class, and the cost of imperialist wars, massive cuts are being planned targeting the working-class. Some of the most draconian and vile administrative actions and budget proposals are targeting college students...

      A political strategy to defend immigrant rights

      The Trump administration is intensifying its brutal attack on immigrants: hundreds of undocumented immigrants have been apprehended in mass workplace raids, children are being separated from their parents, and thousands of undocumented youth enrolled in the DACA program are being used as a bargaining chip for funding to build a wall along the US Southern border with Mexico. The Democratic Party has done nothing to oppose these policies and has, in fact, paved the way for their implementation...

      The Catastrophe in Puerto Rico: an Indictment of Capitalism

      Almost a year has passed since Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane María, the most powerful storm to make landfall on the island in nearly a century. The prevailing devastation in the US colonial territory is a grim illustration of the attitude of the ruling class, not only to the workers and youth of Puerto Rico, but to those on the US mainland as well: one of complete indifference and contempt...