IYSSE at New York University

Joseph Kishore speaking in New York City

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) at NYU is the only club on campus that fights to orient students towards the working class in the fight against Wall Street speculation, inequality and war—which stem from capitalism. As part of this struggle, the IYSSE at NYU works to raise the level of political discussion on campus and take students to work places and neighborhoods throughout the city.

The IYSSE at NYU was recently granted probational club status after a protracted fight with the administration over the undemocratic club approval process, which rejects approximately 90 percent of groups applying for club status. In the course of the IYSSE’s campaign for club status, members of the club exposed NYU’s extensive military ties and corporate influence that influenced the censorship of the IYSSE.  The club’s president, Isaac Oseas, was elected to the Student Senate Committee based on a the IYSSE’s platform of defending immigrants, opposing political censorship and building a socialist anti-war movement.

The IYSSE will continue to expose the university’s military ties and struggle to democratize the club approval process.

The IYSSE at NYU will announce our weekly meeting time in the next few weeks. For more information, see our Facebook page or email IYSSE@socialequality.com.

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