IYSSE at Portland State University

The IYSSE at Portland State University occupies an important position distinct from the variety of middle-class, liberal, and pseudo-left political tendencies represented in the metro area. We have been a recognized student organization since 2015, finally reaching our first year with school funding. The growth in our membership and presence reflects the shift of students, workers, and youth towards the left, which must be directed away from dead-end politics and towards socialism. Our weekly meetings aim to explain current events through Marxist and historical analysis, and our ongoing interventions at demonstrations and work places seek to draw out the necessary steps in fighting against war, authoritarianism, and inequality and for socialism. We have covered Portland-specific issues for the WSWS, writing on recent protests, police brutality, student loan debt and tuition, truck workers, and wildfires.

However, the strength of our work lays in our international program, which connects the struggles of Portland with workers across the world. We hold our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 7pm on the PSU campus, the location varies. Follow us on Facebook for upcoming events and club activities.

Email: iysse.pdx@gmail.com

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