IYSSE Statement of Principles (Sri Lanka)

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What capitalism has offered to youth all over the world is a future with nuclear world war, repression, poverty, unemployment and social misery. The Indian sub-continent, including Sri Lanka, is the region, which records largest number of people in poverty in the world. The entire Asian continent is red hot with escalating geo-political tensions that can provoke a world war.

Majority of people have been deprived by capitalism, of the benefits of global production based on the revolutionary development of modern science and technology. The basic contradictions of capitalism between socialized production and production for private profit interests of handful of capitalists and that between the global economy and the nation state system within which capitalism is rooted have become barriers for the development of productive forces and further human progress.

Capitalism cannot offer any progressive solution for these contradictions. What erupted in 2008 in the form of a financial crisis was this systemic contradiction of capitalist system. If capitalism remains the humanity will have to face the devastation of whole human civilization as the result of a nuclear third world war.

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) is the youth and student wing of Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in Sri Lanka. The SEP and IYSSE fight for the mobilization of youth and students in Sri Lanka, Indian sub-continent and whole Asia on an international socialist perspective.

Demands of IYSSE

Oppose imperialist war!

Humanity has once again entered into a period of wars and revolutions. Pseudo-left parties in Sri Lanka and internationally, the defenders of imperialism, attempt to cover up the war threat from workers and youth. IYSSE places the struggle against war at the centre of its political works. There can be no fight for socialism without a struggle against war and vice versa. War, as the most acute expression of the crisis of capitalism, accelerates exploitation and repression and thereby paves the way for social revolution.

The reckless war drive and economic protectionism carried out by American President Donald Trump is the expression of world historic crisis of the US imperialism.

Continuous war drive by the US imperialism for world dominance since the dissolution of the Soviet Union by Stalinist bureaucracy in 1991 now has reached a verge of provoking an open war against China and Russia. The ultimate targets of American provocations against North Korea and its military invasions in Middle East are China and Russia.

By incorporating Indian ruling class and military as the foremost ally in its geo-strategy of “pivot to Asia” launched to encircle China economically and militarily, the US has further escalated geo-political tensions in the region to explosive levels. This has resulted in bringing long-term rivals, India-Pakistan and India-China to verge of full scale war during last two years.

All military bases of US imperialism in this region and also its military agreements with the ruling classes in Sri Lanka and India, which remain real dangers to the masses in South Asia, should be abolished.

Workers and youth should vehemently oppose nationalism and racial differences whipped up by ruling classes in the region.  The IYSSE calls for youth and students to build an international anti-war movement based on international socialist perspective against their common enemy, imperialism and national bourgeoisie.

Socialist program for resolving burning social issues!

Ruling classes in Sri Lanka and other countries in the region, which have lined up with imperialist war drive, have also launched a social counterrevolution against the working class and youth. During past decades successive capitalist governments in Sri Lanka have subjected even limited past gains of the working class like free education and public healthcare and other social benefits and employment opportunities to relentless attacks as they have been implementing the dictates of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“Child activity survey -2016” by Department of Census and Statistics reveals that 9.9 percent of school going children or 452, 661 of them, does not go to schools. Out of that 51, 249 children have never been to a school. The survey also shows that a huge number of children like 39.7 percent of 15-17 age group does not go to school.

India accounts for three quarter of the entire South Asian population. According to this year’s global hunger index, only 9.6 percent of Indian children of 6-23 months age group have sufficient food. In Indian sub-continent less than one percent of young people have access to university education.

Billions of rupees must be allocated to resolve social welfare issues of the masses in Sri Lanka and the region, such as hunger, housing, education and healthcare. Repaying all foreign and state loans that creates billionaires at the expense of each rupee earned by working people and the oppressed should be rejected. Annual global war expenditure worth more than a trillion dollars should be directed to social welfare measures.

To carry out those measures, parasitic major banks and corporations that profit from war preparations and dominate world economy, should be nationalized under democratic control of working class.

The problems confronting workers and young people all over the world are same. The IYSSE advocates that bourgeois nationalist programs promoted by ruling classes in the region, which have been tied to imperialist profit system as well as by bourgeois nationalist organizations like Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) in Sri Lanka and Stalinist Communist Parties in India should be rejected.

For Social Equality!                                         

The most impoverished half in world’s population accounts for less than 1 percent of global wealth while 89 percent of it is owned by the super rich top 10 percent. Growing social inequality is incompatible with democracy. It is in this context that fascistic far right governments are coming to power in country after country.

A world, which will be free of war and exploitation, can be created utilizing the vast scientific and technological advancements only by overthrowing capitalism worldwide and reorganizing the world economy along socialist policies.

To End Unemployment!

Massive social welfare programs should be implemented to end unemployment and insecure and poorly-paid contract employment youths are condemned to under capitalism. The young workers subjected to brutal exploitation in Sri Lanka, India and all over Asia and internationally by giant transnational corporations can be guaranteed a better future with decent salaries and better working conditions only under socialism.

For Political Independence of Working Class!

The IYSSE rejects in outright the claim by Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) led by pseudo-left Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) that capitalist governments can be pressurized by protests of workers and students to act favorably on their demands. These organizations are utterly hostile to the political class independence of working class and socialism paying the way for brutal attacks on the masses under reactionary program of bringing this or that bourgeois political front to power.

Rejecting every form of ethnic and religious divisions, the IYSSE fights for uniting workers and youth –Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim alike- on a common class interests. Campaigning for immediate and unconditional withdrawal all Sri Lanka military forces from the north and east of the island, it emphasizes the decisive need of uniting workers and young people in the struggle for building a Sri Lanka-Eelam Socialist Republic as part of a Union of Socialist Republics in South Asia and internationally.

Students and youth cannot resolve their issues on their own and should be mobilized under the leadership of working class. Rejecting trade unionism, the IYSSE call for building action committees in workplaces, workers neighborhoods, universities and other higher education institutes to organize common struggles of workers and youth. All these steps point to the critical requirement of building an independent revolutionary political party of working class.

For Resurgence of Socialist Culture!

The IYSSE, in league with SEP and its leadership, International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), fights for building SEPs in Sri Lanka and South Asia. It bases its work on the political traditions of Bolshevik Party which guaranteed the victory of October, 1917 Russian Revolution. It also bears the whole experience and the heritage of the struggle for international socialism carried out by Leon Trotsky establishing the Fourth International against the betrayals of Social Democratic parties and Stalinist bureaucracy.   

The historical incapability of national bourgeoisie to establish social and democratic rights of the masses in imperialist epoch has been vindicated for a period more than a century. Trotsky pointed out in his Theory of Permanent Revolution that vast problems confronting masses of people can only be resolved only by the struggle for international socialist program under the leadership of working class around whom young people and other oppressed masses should be rallied. The IYSSE fights for educating and mobilizing working people and youth in Sri Lanka and South Asian region on this perspective.

Join the struggle for Socialism! Join with IYSSE!

We appeal young people and students to study analyses, program and history elaborated in World Socialist Website. Decide to join with the IYSSE and take the initiative to build IYSSE branches in your school, university, workplace and neighborhood.

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