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No to imperialist war!

The war drive is a conspiracy of the capitalist elites, orchestrated by the highest levels of government, the military-intelligence apparatus, the corporate-financial oligarchy and a corrupted right-wing media, without even the pretext of democratic debate.

For free quality education!

We demand that the universities be turned into intellectual centers dedicated to the advancement of society as a whole, not think tanks for the ruling class and military establishments of each country.

For free quality health care!

Health care is a social right—along with education, housing, employment, retirement and access to culture—not a privilege reserved for the wealthy, and must be provided to all free of charge.

For historical truth!

In a new era of world war and revolution, the ruling class and its ideologists are engaged in a campaign of historical falsification aimed cutting workers and young people off from the history of the struggles for international socialism.

For social equality!

The levels of inequality that exist in the world are virtually without precedent in history. The apologists for capitalism claim that inequality is not related to the economic crisis, as if the withdrawal of trillions of dollars from productive use has no economic impact.

Defend the Internet!

In response to open censorship by the government and media corporations, the IYSSE opposes any efforts to limit Internet accessibility, free exchange of information, and rights to privacy.

Decent jobs for all!

The IYSSE believes that the right to employment is the most basic right deserved to all. Only one quarter of the world’s working population holds a permanent and stable job.

For the International Unity of the Working Class!

The great strategic task of the modern epoch is the forging of the political unity of the workers of all countries, races, and ethnicity as the decisive international revolutionary force.

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