Emergency online meeting

Mobilize the working class to defend the grad students at University of California-Santa Cruz!

Sunday, February 23, at 4PM PST, Online

Hundreds of graduate students and teaching assistants at the University of California-Santa Cruz are engaged in a battle that deserves the full support of all workers and young people.

To carry this fight forward the UCSC grad student need to view the strike as a political struggle, being waged against the Democratic Party and the capitalist system itself. In this fight, the trade unions and the Democratic Party both stand on the other side of the barricades.

Join the IYSSE and the SEP online on Sunday, February 23, at 4PM PST for an emergency meeting to discuss the political issues involved and the way forward for the UCSC grad student strike.

To join the meeting please register here.

Contact us at IYSSE@WSWS.ORG


Read our coverage of the strike on the World Socialist Web Site:

University of California Santa Cruz grad students on strike
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