IYSSE at University of California Berkeley

Nearly 100 people listen to David North speak at UC Berkeley on the Russian Revolution

The UC Berkeley IYSSE has been a critical part of campus political life since its founding in 2012, turning students and youth towards the working class through historical study and regular workplace interventions.

We have been the only voice on campus opposed to war, inequality and capitalism. In 2013, we led a rally against US intervention in Syria, drawing the support of the most serious elements of the student body. We are the only political group on campus defending the right to free speech, as well as all other democratic rights that are under relentless attack under the deepening crisis of capitalism.

The UC Berkeley IYSSE treats matters of history and theory with the utmost seriousness, fighting to win over the healthiest layers of students through a Marxist analysis of history. In the Fall 2013 semester, we taught the Foundations of Classical Marxism DeCal, in which we read and discussed the classics of Marxism, including the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky.

Every semester, there has been at least one major event hosted by the UC Berkeley IYSSE, including lectures by David North, Chairman of the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) International Editorial Board, WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh, Socialist Equality Party (SEP) presidential candidate Jerry White, and SEP National Secretary Joseph Kishore.

The Berkeley IYSSE has been actively involved in struggles of the working class throughout the Bay Area and broader Northern California region. In 2013, we intervened in BART and AC Transit strikes, providing a voice to workers opposed to union betrayals. In 2014, when the first nationwide strike of oil workers in the past 35 years occurred, we won a significant readership at oil refineries in Richmond and Martinez. We have repeatedly intervened at health care worker strikes throughout the Bay Area, providing a way forward for these workers. Most recently, the IYSSE has been involved in the International Amazon Workers Voice (IAWV) campaign, carrying out weekly interventions at nearby Amazon facilities and fighting to unify this highly exploited section of the working class.

The UC Berkeley IYSSE meets every other Tuesday. For more information, see our Facebook page or email us at berkeleysocialequality@gmail.com.